“A girl should be two things:
classy and fabulous.”

                                                                               COCO CHANEL

Small hand made details
Impeccable fits
Limited editions
Finest materials & exclusive prints

Wet & Sea
An Everlasting Summer

Eclectic mix: French class, Caribbean soul & Latin sensuality inspired by the experiences and encounters around the world of the designer, a gypsy traveler and global citizen. Such is the soul of “Wet&Sea”

Made with passion, the identity of our brand is encompassed by the use of the finest materials, exclusive prints and small hand made details that give a special and unique touch to each swimsuit. The impeccable fits allow every woman to feel confident and classy…. sexy and stylish.

Limited editions of personally signed 1/100 piece collections make our swimsuits, works of art. The concept of art and real life harmoniously intertwined shapes the work of Wet & Sea, where collections emerge from the pleasure of experiencing beautiful places and meeting beautiful people…