Catalina Martinelli is one of those people born with a natural talent for fashion design. A native of Medellín, Colombia, the fashion capital of South America, Catalina began to feel the passion for design since she was a little girl, and always held on to her dream despite her mother´s insistence that she not pursue a career in this field.

In 2010, her brand, Wet & Sea was born.  Catalina chose her brand name with the help of famous designer Christian Audigier, whom she met in Miami, and where she had her fashion show debut with great success. Since then, Wet & Sea has become renowned in Miami for designing the most sexiest and glamorous swimsuits.

Traveling the world and living in different cities helped Catalina develop her own style, which is inspired by a combination of French elegance with Latin mischief and sensuality.

Wet & Sea was created for naturally sexy women who wear stylish, sophisticated clothes that accentuate their figure. Within a short time, Catalina’s swimsuits have become the best secret for those who want a different look. Wet & Sea swimsuits have received high praise from numerous designers and customers, who recognize Catalina’s creativity as something special.

In light of the reception that Wet & Sea swimsuits has received, Catalina is now working on her first Resort Collection, with which she intends to strengthen her brand and bring it to the next level, while still pleasing her loyal followers.